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Complete the Pick-A-Niche™ online video training.

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The Worksheets

You’ll use our High Ticket Pick-A-Niche™ research sheet to gain insights and hone in on what products work for you. (Soon to be interactive online portal.)

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Find Your Personal Niche

Wants you have finished your Pick-A-Niche™ research you'll know your personal niche and have a library of products to sell.

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7FigureSkills really hit a home run with their High Ticket Drop Shipping Method to making money online… the idea of drop shipping premium high quality products from US Suppliers just made sense to me. But I struggled with finding a winning product until AJ’s team came out with the Pick-A-Niche Funnel system and research sheet!

Damian James

I can’t express how easy this made the process of selecting a High Quality Product to research… it made me an expert when it came to identifying winning products which is a skill set I can’t put a price on. I’d pay thousands more for the High Ticket Rapid Profits System but this Pick-A-Niche Course and Research system is worth $10k alone.

Adriana Lopez

I used the Pick-A-Niche System and research tool shortly after joining High Ticket Drop Ship Rapid Profits Academy.

I was able to find a niche product, secure a supplier using the online directory of over 10,000 suppliers to build a store around in less than 60 days.

Allen S.